A Shopaholic in Withdrawals


Pre-baby I loved to shop. I’d meet up with girl friends or just wander around a mall by myself, looking for deals and cute outfits.

Fast forward to life with a toddler and I’m lucky I make it to the grocery store each week for necessities. It’s not that I don’t want to go shopping (I do). It’s not that have a fussy baby who won’t sit in a stroller or shopping cart (he will). There’s just so many other things you end of doing with your time. Life gets in the way!

Not wanting to lose my personal style (which can be pretty easy to do thanks to a post-baby body and no time to shop). I started taking short cuts. I’ve become really good at eyeballing clothes I like and guessing on my size. I’d purchase an outfit without even trying it on (promising myself I’d take it back if it didn’t fit). Ninety-nine percent of the time the item looked great and into my closet it went. The few chances I did get to wheel my stroller into the dressing room with me, the outfit was disappointing.

I also looked into online services like Le Tote and Stitch Fix and ended up trying out Stitch Fix. I liked the fact you only pay when you want them to send you a box and you can keep the clothes you like while returning the rest.

It’s also a great service for moms because you get to try on the clothes in the convenience of your own home. Also, your stylist can really tailor your box to your desires (make sure to give them access to your Pinterest boards, they can really zero in on your likes and dislikes then). One month I had 2 weddings and a camping trip and they included 2 cute dresses (great for the weddings), as well as jeans and a stylish sweater that were perfect for late night bonfires.

I didn’t keep everything from the boxes. As a new mom on a budget some pieces were a little more than I felt comfortable spending (you can chose your price range on items sent). Also, a few of the clothes resembled pieces I already had in my closet (further convincing me my stylist really nailed my taste).

While it’s not a cure for my shopping withdrawals, it is a temporary fix. It’s also going to be a great source to turn to when/if we decided to have baby #2 (they carry maternity wear)!


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