The Perks of Being Behind The Camera

While you see anchors, reporters, and meteorologist in front of the camera when you tune in to your local news cast each morning/noon/night, there are countless other individuals working behind the scenes to make sure each broadcast runs smoothly. While some may think being in front of the camera is a “glamorous” job, there are many perks to being behind the scenes. … More The Perks of Being Behind The Camera

Live Shot Anxiety

For me there’s a rush and excitement that comes from standing with a microphone in your hand ready to go LIVE. For others it’s a feeling of dread and anxiety. There are many ways to get over being anxious in front of a camera. Here are a few that I’ve come across. … More Live Shot Anxiety

A Balancing Act

As any working parent knows, life is a balancing act. Between work, playdates, practices, yardwork, making dinner, helping with homework, we’re just trying to keep things going. Life with a toddler isn’t any different. Just add changing diapers/potty training in the mix. Luckily for me I have an amazing husband. He cooks better than I … More A Balancing Act