The Best States For A Working Mom

Recently, Wallet Hub came out with a list of the best states for working moms. They analyzed child care, professional opportunities, and the work life balance.

Unfortunately, my state ranked toward the bottom. Nevertheless, there was some comforting information to come out of the study.

According to their researchers, more than 70% of moms with children younger than 18 are working. It’s great to know I’m not alone in this. There so many of us working, raising kids, juggling duties at home, it’s like a really cool sisterhood or sorority.

I admit at times I feel guilty for leaving my little one all day. However, I know he is well taken care of and the interaction with children his own age is extremely beneficial. He also gets lots of bonding time with his grandparents. After losing all of my grandparents, it’s safe to say I cherish the times I had with them and I hope my little guy will have the same fond memories of his grandparents when he is my age.

The state that ranked best on the list, Vermont, while the worst was Alabama.

Where does your state rank?

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