My 10 best purchases from Amazon

Shopping used to be my ME time. Time when I could wander the aisles and look for things I needed (and didn’t need). I loved being able to actually see what I was purchasing in the store. To touch it, feel it, see how big or small it was. It was also a form of therapy for me.

Two kids and a pandemic later, I do very little shopping in stores other than our groceries.

Now online shopping has become a way of life. With more and more stores moving away from brick and mortar store, it’s also sometimes the only way to find a certain item you’re looking for.

I recently took a look back at my online Amazon purchase. When I used to buy one or two things off Amazon a year, I now average that a month (sometimes a week). However, it has lead me to some awesome finds that I wanted to share with you!

So in no particular order, my 10 best Amazon purchases include:

  1. Leggings – I owe multiple pair of these super comfy leggings. As a stay at home mom (link) I basically love in leggings and these are my go to pants for running around with the kids. They are as soft as Lularoe but for a fraction of the price. Plus they offer free returns!
  2. Fitness Water Bottle – I hate to admit how much I stalked the mailman after I ordered this water bottle. I love the motivation and goals it’s offers plus it’s my favorite colors!                                                                   Waterbottle
  3. Hair Volumizer – This handy device does double duty. It blow dries your hair while straightening it and saves you half the time getting ready in the morning.
  4. Checkered Vest – I’m a sucker for buffalo plaid and when I saw this vest I knew it was for me. It’s perfect to pair with leggings or jeans in the fall and winter months. Plus it has pockets!! Checkered vest
  5. Sleeveless Jumper – I’m late to the jumper crazy but after seeing how cute my daughter looked in one this summer I decided to try it (yes I take my fashion advice from a 1-year-old sometimes). I’m glad I did because this jumper is as comfy as wearing pajamas! Oh it also has pockets too!! Jumper
  6. Pyrex Bowls Back when I was working I got into meal prep. I’d make two meals early in the week and pack them away for me and my husband to eat on our busy work days. (You can check out one of my favorite meal prep recipes here (link)). I ordered these Pyrex bowls to use for the meal prep since it portioned the dinners perfectly and was easy to throw in the dish washer. Glass Dishes
  7. Floral Blouse – This floral blouse screams spring to me. You can dress it up or down depending on what you are going too. My favorite is pairing it with white skinny jeans and some wedges! Blouse
  8. Diaper Bag – With Baby #1, one of the hardest registry items for my husband and I to agree on was our diaper bag. When baby #2 came along he got a daddy diaper backpack. I kept using the old diaper bag but had to admit, the backpack was easier when juggling two kiddos. However, I could never find anything easily in his so I wanted my own and bought this (name). It holds a lot, with easy to find compartments and is great for being on the go!
  9. Vacuum – Our robot vacuum, who we affectionately call “Rosie” after the maid in the “Jetson’s”, was something I’d been wanting for awhile. However, my robot vacuum had requirements. My house has carpets and laminate flooring so it had to handle both as well as avoiding an open stairwell to the basement. This one is awesome! She fills all the check boxes and picks up more dirt and dog hair than I care to admit is on my floors. Vaccuum
  10. Forecast Station – this little guy sits on our kitchen counter and I rely on him daily! It tells me how hot or cold it is outside, if it’s too humid for my run or if the hubby has the thermostat set too low in the winter and I need to turn the heat up. Thermometer

So I’m curious. What has been the best thing you’ve bought online.

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