5 Things living in quarantine has taught me

Quarantine life: it’s something I never saw our family (or anyone else for that matter) having to do when the year started. However here we are, 33 days in. My son’s school year is essentially done except for any work his preschool teacher sends home. I feel bad for him not being able to say a proper goodbye to his friends after his first year in school. I feel more for high school seniors not getting to enjoy prom, graduation and all that goes with the final months of the school year.

If you think about it, this is one of those pivotal times in life. It’s a time our kids and grandkids will ask us about. What did you do? How did things change?

With no end currently in sight, we will continue to make due and stay home to keep ourselves and others safe.

While being home non-stop for weeks, there are a few things I have come to realize about quarantine life:

1: My quarantine wardrobe and stay-at-home mom wardrobe are the same

Leggings, over sized sweatshirt, messy hair, not much has changed for me as far as what I wear on a day to day basis. Comfort is key when quarantined.

My quarantine wardrobe

2: How to better manage my grocery list

Prior to quarantine life, I would go to the grocery store at least once a week for a big trip and then as needed for items throughout the week. Since his started, we have limited our trips to only once a week. As a result, I’m better at making a list of what we need for that week and sticking to it.

3: Teachers are underpaid

Let’s face it. We all knew this. It’s not a surprise. At one point in my life I did want to be a teacher, kindergarten to be precise. Now I’m getting my shot with a preschooler.

4: My house is still not as clean as I thought it would be

All this time at home with nothing to do and no where to go. I should have the cleanest house in the world. Should is the key would there but I don’t. This was also my thinking going into being a stay-at-home mom. We have been cleaning and more diligent with using Lysol and Clorox wipes. However, toys still abound but that’s the sign of a lives in house and boy have we been doing a lot of living in it lately.

5: Health and family are what matter most

We would do anything to keep our loved ones safe. If that means staying home with the ones I love and getting to enjoy this unplanned family time then I’d gladly do it. Yes we are having to miss out on things like family birthdays, t-ball games, and vacations but I’d happily reschedule events like this if it means the ones I care about most stay healthy and protected.

Sending love from my family to yours.

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