Only Child No More

Only Child No More

It’s happened! Baby #2 is on the way!

As with any pregnancy, there’s mixed emotions. We’re certainly happy and excited for the new life that’s about to join our family. However, I’m concerned how our little boy is going to react to no longer being an only child.

I’m sure this is common among families as they expand and grown from a house of 3 to a house of 4 (or more).

I was raised as an only child (for the record I do have half siblings). Therefore, I would have no problems if my husband and I we’re only blessed with our son. I was perfectly content to have my own room, my own clothes, and my own toys while growing up.

My husband used to joke he didn’t want our son turning into a spoiled only child like me. While I admit I was spoiled (because who did I have to share with), I don’t think I was that bad.

As I’ve gotten older, I envy siblings and the bond they have. Most have assured me they were not close as young children but became tight as they grew up (so even if my children don’t get along at first there’s hope). My husband and his sister talk all the time. My girlfriends and their sibling’s trade funny stories of when they were kids or things their parents did.

I would love to have growing up that I could sister to trade make-up tips or clothes with. I would have loved to have a brother who’d scare my off boyfriends when I’d bring them home (even though my uncles did a pretty good job of that).

While I worry how he’ll react with a new baby in the picture, I’ve realized I want that for my son. I want someone he can call or turn to when times get tough. I want someone he can stick up for and defend (and probably tease and make fun of too). I want someone he can turn to and roll his eye at when mom or dad are on his case. Most of all I want someone he can lean on if I for some reason I am not able to be there for him.

So I’m sorry my sweet boy, you will no longer be the youngest (you’ll always be my baby) but you can thank me for it later.

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