Maternity Essentials

Maternity Essentials

When pregnant with my son, I found there were certain things that made life easier. These are what I like to call my “Maternity Essentials”. Growing a human is hard work so anything that can help alleviate stress and make you feel better is a must.

While every soon-to-be mom has their own list, I thought I’d share mine (especially since I may have to dig these out of the closet soon for baby #2).

  • Maternity Pillow – Thanks to this pillow I slept great throughout most of my pregnancy (that last month gets tough regardless). It takes up most of the bed but it forms right around you and your growing bump.
  • Black Leggings – A great pair of black leggings can get you through your entire pregnancy and post-partum body. Pair with a flowy top and flip flops or a sweater and boots and you’re good for any season.
  • Comfy & Easy To Slide On Shoes – As time goes on it will get harder to tie your shoes. Make sure to invest in a comfy and easy to slide on pair of shoes. With a summer due date I found a great pair of Sketchers flip flops and practically lived in them the last month of my pregnancy. Slide on boots would work great for winter (just make sure to get a size that allows for swollen feet).
  • Ginger Ale – Luckily I never got sick during my first pregnancy but I did have my queasy moments. Ginger Ale (or Vernors if you’re from Michigan like me) can definitely help curb those nauseous moments.
  • Pedicures – Half way through my pregnancy I gave my husband a choice: help me paint and trim my toes or I’m getting regular pedicures. Since he wasn’t big on the nail polish part, the pedicures won out. I highly recommend them for soon-to-be moms. Our feet help us carry that extra baby weight all day. Plus, why not have those tootsies looking cute (even if we can’t touch or see them anymore)?
  • Snack Bag & Water Cup – Once you get past the nauseous early weeks, you’ll get hungry. It will strike at any moment. To make sure you’re prepared with healthy snacks, keep a snack bag with you (I kept one in the car when I traveled). Expectant moms also need lots of fluids so buy a cute new water bottle to help you stay hydrated as well.

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