My New “Job”

It’s full time job. You work 24/7, no weekends, no holidays. It doesn’t really pay you, but the benefits are endless!

Ten years ago, I said “Never in a million years”. Five years ago, I said “No way”. Last year, I said “I don’t think so”. Six months ago, I said “Well maybe”……. and now here we are.

Why did I not want to be a stay-at-home mom? I wanted to work! I liked what I did and I still do. I wanted to have a career. My mom did it. So could I.

Never say never.

After 13 years of working in broadcast television I’m taking a break. A break to stay at home and just be mom. My husband is affectionately referring to it as my “retirement”. However, by no means do I expect to be sitting at home eating bon-bons on this “break”. In fact, I think it will be harder than going to work every day.

Lasy day at 25
Last day at my former station.

The decision was not easy. I’ve wanted to be a reporter since I was 8-years-old. However, I also wanted to be a mom. Both dreams were realized and as my kids grew, I realized I was missing out on too much and that wouldn’t likely change. I’d miss cooking dinner with them and sitting at the table hearing how their day was. I’d miss dance classes and swim lessons and t-ball games. I was blessed to have parents (who despite working full-time) were there for me at every meet/practice/tournament and I wanted the same for my kids.

Cherishing these moments while they are young.

In addition to talking with husband over and over again about this prior to my decision, I also turned to fellow bloggers. The two articles I liked best came from “Mom Without Labels” and “The Soccer Mom Blog”.

So far, I’m 6 months into this new gig and I have to say I’m enjoying it (more to come on future blog posts). I’ve been able to spend more time with my baby girl and take my son to things at his new school I never would have made before.

What’s surprised me the most is the support from people that I’ve gotten. Family, friends, former co-workers, heck even people on the street have been so uplifting about major life change. Being a stay-at-home mom is no longer taboo.

I’m thankful to have this opportunity to be at home with the kids when they are little. I realized not everyone can. So I’m going to cherish it.


One thought on “My New “Job”

  1. Greatest job in the world Sarah, like you said cherish this time, as it goes by way too quickly. Can’t believe you’re married and have 2 kids already. I remember holding you in my arms and your infectious smile. Time has flew by and I will always remember you like that.


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