Keeping Kids Learning: Thinking outside the box during quarantine

Three weeks without school! Seems like forever but in reality it’s not that long. At this point, who knows. It may be longer.

So how do you keep kids entertained for three weeks when you can’t go to the movies, mall, restaurant, etc? Go outside right? Expect here in Michigan it’s still a little too cold to stay out for to long.

While some kids were sent “homework” by their teachers (my preschooler included) it may not be enough to keep them busy.

So what can a stressed parent do? Think outside the box!

Here are 10 different life lessons you can teach your kid that they might not necessarily learn in school:


I love to bake and my husband loves to cook. While home we have been whipping up homemade meals and sweet treats galore. Now is the perfect time to let your kids help. If they are old enough let them make a meal themselves. If you are looking for recipe to make, here are some of my favorite finds.

How to change a tire

While I’m proud to say I can change my own tire I still find myself calling AAA when an issue with my vehicle arises. However now is a great time to teach your kids this valuable life lesson. You never know when they may need to use it.

How to balance a check book

In the 8th grade, I had a teacher with the foresight to teach our class how to balance a check book as well as to follow the stock markets. No where else in my adolescent years was I taught this. Everyone needs to know this but where else would you leave it if not for a forward thinking teacher or parents trapped at home with kids for 3 weeks. You can also teach your older kids how to make and follow a budget.


This is actually something I’m working on during quarantine. A few years ago I though myself to knit. Now I’m working on crocheting. It’s a work in progress but now I have the time to actually sit down and try different patterns and techniques. Maybe one day I’ll learn to sew. Luckily my hubby can do that so he gets all my clothes when I lose a button.


How many people have gone off to college completely unaware how to properly do laundry? It’s a life lesson that can easily get overlooked since mom and dad usually do the wash and just add in the kids clothes with their clothes. So what can be done? Let your little ones help. Mine love to help put the clothes in and out of the wash. If they are older show them how to sort properly or let them wash their own clothes and practice folding.

Ride a Bike

This will depend on the weather where you live but what better time to get outside and learn to ride a bike? If they practice now they will be a pro come summer.

Potty Training

Many experts suggest starting potty training when you know you will be home for a few days and can easily run your little one to the toilet every few minutes. Well it doesn’t look like we are going anywhere for the foreseeable future so why not try now. Having a little one still in diapers I might be proactive (she isn’t even 2 yet) and try doing this while we are home. After all I did try potty training my son young too.


Now is the time for spring cleaning and your little ones can help! Find a job that’s appropriate for their age. My little ones love to sweep the floors with me. You can also let them help with cleaning windows, dusting, or vacuuming.


This can vary greatly depending on your child’s age. If they are littler you can teach them now to properly apologize, use the phone, or even ask for something. If they are older you can teach them proper social media etiquette.

Minor Home Repairs

Home repairs always spring up at the most inopportune times. However, being stuck at home for weeks offers us the perfect chance to fix or finish those products we have been putting off. Fixing a clogged skin? Let your kids help and get the tools for you. Repainting? Show them how to properly get the paint on evenly and smooth. Yes sometimes this means your project who’ll take twice as long to finish but they are learning a valuable lesson along the way.

What are you teaching your kids now that they are home from school?

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