Mommy Needs A Timeout

mommy time out

They can happen in the most unusual places, the bathroom, your laundry room, or even the pantry.

They’re known as “Mommy Timeouts”.

It’s those few seconds or even a couple minutes’ moms (and even dads) need to collect and compose themselves.

Maybe it was a long day. Maybe the kids tugged on your last nerve. Maybe you’d just like a minute to go to the bathroom in privacy.

Admit it moms, we all do it. Those 5 minutes to yourself are for your own sanity.

It’s not that we don’t love our children (we do). It’s just that we need to refocus. We need to recharge, our battery is running on low.

So spouses/significant others, if you open the closet and find us cowering with a chocolate bar in hand. Accept it. Give us a few minutes and have a glass of milk waiting when we emerge.

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