Gifts Grads Really Need

Congrats to the class of 2018! You are about to embark on an exciting adventure……the real world. There are both good points and bad points to this. Good point: you more than likely will be living on your own and can come and go as you please. Bad point: you will be living on your own, responsible for all the cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

For those who are going to be attending graduations this year, yes, money is always a good gift. However, if you’re thinking of something a little more personal, there are lots of things grads need as they head off to college or the working world that often get overlooked.

grad gift ideas


Those superhero sheets from home just aren’t going to cut it. Ditch the caped cotton threads for something more practical. A new comforter and pillows can really make being away from home really feel like home.


This falls under the things we have at home but don’t even think about needing. Let’s face it when we travel, hotels provide us towels. So instead of having your grad steal old threads from mom and dad, provide them with their own brand-new set (maybe in their favorite color).

Laundry basket & Soap

Whether your grad is living in a dorm or apartment, chances are they will not have easy access to a washing machine. Help them out by providing a portable way to carry all their dirty clothes and don’t forget to throw in some detergent while you’re at it.

Coffee Maker

Early morning classes (or even late morning classes) are never easy. Neither is waking up early to fight rush hour traffic before heading into the office. Help your new grad concur the day by starting out their morning the caffeinated way. This gift will also come in handy the day after a night of partying.

Cooking appliances (ie: Instapot or Crock Pot)

Going along with a coffee makers, kitchen appliances make great gifts for grads. Think anything that makes their lives easier. Gifts like an Instapot or Crock Pot fit the bill perfectly. Just toss the food in and your dinner is ready in no time.

Work Clothes

I spent my high school years at a catholic all-girls school. When I wasn’t in a school uniform, chances are I was in a sports uniform. Needless to say, my professional wardrobe was lacking. However, there’s great options to help grads out. Gift cards always work or you can set them up with a monthly membership box that sends them professional apparel.

Gym Membership

Speaking of memberships, why not purchase a yearly gym membership. Being active is a great way to meet new people (especially if they’ve moved for school or work). Plus, it will help them ward off the dreaded “freshman 15”.

Gift Cards

Yes, gift cards area a little less personal but you can get creative. Purchase ones for local restaurants, movie theatre, or even a grocery store.

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