The Perks of Being Behind The Camera

While you see anchors, reporters, and meteorologist in front of the camera when you tune in to your local news cast each morning/noon/night, there are countless other individuals working behind the scenes to make sure each broadcast runs smoothly.

From the engineers to the producer, writers, graphics department, sales associates, editors and photographers, each person plays their role. They are what is known in the industry as “house cats”.


While some may think being in front of the camera is a “glamorous” job, there are many perks to being behind the scenes such as……..

  • Controlled Climate

Reporters are constantly out in the field covering stories. At times they must brave cold, snow, wind, rain, sleet, hail, and extreme heat. A “house cat” has the comforts of an office setting (provided the air conditioning isn’t cranked too high).

  • Comfy Clothes

If someone tells you they work for a television station but you see they’re wearing jeans and sneakers, believe them. “House cats” have the luxury of wearing comfortable clothes to work. Reporters and anchors are the ones you find in suits and jackets.

  • Fixed Hours

An early court case or meeting on the other side of town? A reporter & photographer need to get in early but it’s not a problem for a “house cat”. They pretty much have fixed (albeit sometimes crazy) hours.

  • Creature Comforts

Reporters are on the go from one interview to the next. They essentially live out of a live truck, grabbing food when they can and stopping for the occasional bathroom break. “House cats” have the comforts of a normal office environment (lunchroom, bathrooms, etc.).

  • Anonymity

If a reporter or anchor messes up during their live shot or newscast it will be all over YouTube and social media before you can blink your eyes. When a “house cat” makes an error, a much smaller group know about it.

So next time you turn on the TV, remember there’s a lot more that goes into your local newscast.

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