Is a two piece too risqué for swim class?

swim“Why do you only wear one piece suits to swim class?”

It’s a question my husband posed to me this week when we was doing the laundry (Yes ladies I’m blessed with a husband who does the laundry. It’s glorious!)

It’s actually a debate I’ve been having with myself since our little guy started his second year of swim classes.

We enrolled him already last year (and again this year) at the local community center since he was such a big fan of playing in the water during bath time. For his class, the kids are all under 3 and as a result, parents have to go in the pool with their child.

Last year I was still trying to lose the pregnancy weight and bought a couple new one piece swimsuits. I also dug out an old tankini from the closet that I hadn’t worn in years.

Since my son was born, I admit my wardrobe has taken on a more conservative look. While sorting out the maternity close that no longer fit, I also decided to rid my closet of anything too juvenile or outfits I could picture my children rolling their eyes at me wearing. I didn’t get rid of everything though. You’ll still find the low cut shirt, a body hugging dress, and probably a few too many two piece swimsuits (that are now collecting dust).

Over the last year, I’ve worked my butt off to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve started running and even competed in a few races. While I might not have a 6 pack, I’m happy with the shape I’m in. However, I’m still reluctant to wear a two piece to swim class.

I’m not talking a string bikini here either. I know my toddler would find the ties too entertaining and pull it off in a heartbeat. I own athletic two-piece swim wear options, but even those I’m hesitant to put on.

The question I find myself battling is why? I’m I really worried what other moms (and dads) will think of me? Will I be labeled as “that mother”?

With half the swim sessions still to go, maybe I’ll work up the courage to throw on that two piece and hit the pool with my little guy. If not I feel it could be an excuse for a tropical vacation.

Fellow moms, what’s your take?

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