My Running Anniversary

running annivesary


Last March (a year ago today to be precise) I decided to start running as a way to get in shape. I was looking at shed those last few pounds of baby weight and wanted to find something that would let me spend time with my young son and our dog while getting in some much needed exercise.

1 Year Ago – Our 1st Day Running

After being cooped up inside all winter, the lovely spring weather was inviting. So I found a running plan for a half marathon on Pinterest. If I actually built up to running a half marathon great, but by no means was that my goal.

Running three days a week didn’t seem much at the time but as summer got into full swing, those three day a week workouts turned into two and eventually dropped down to just one by winter.

However, despite the setbacks I’m proud that I stuck with it for the last 365 days.

Over the course of a year I completed 3 races: two 5ks and a 5 mile race. Since both of the 5k races were done with my son in tow (once in a backpack and the other in a stroller) I really only count the 5 mile race as an “official” race.

During those 12 month, I’ve logged over 150 miles and shaved 3 minutes off my pace. I still don’t run as fast as most “runners” out there but I’m getting closer. Each few seconds I shave off my time I count as a victory.

Running was never my strength but I’ve found solace in the sport. It’s allowed me to push myself to limits I never thought I could.


Whether on the treadmill or around the streets in our neighborhood, those few miles help put life in perspective. Now, on the weeks I’m sick or life gets the better of me, I find myself longing for those few miles of freedom.

While my race across the Mighty Mac still is my longest “official” race, I’m hoping to do more in the coming years. One day I’ll even check that half marathon off my bucket list (I really want to do the international one in Detroit or one at Walt Disney World).

Ready to one day take on the Detroit International Half-Marathon

Overall, I met my goal, I got back in my skinny jeans after pregnancy and in the process fell in love with a sport I never thought I’d like.



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