Remembering How To “Date” My Husband

The sitter is booked and reservations are made!

Bring on date night!


As my husband and I prepare to celebrate our 5th anniversary, I have to pause and remember if I know how to “act” while on a date. It’s been so long since we went on one, just the two of us, I feel there are some things I may have forgotten.

For starters, I have to remember how to get dressed up for a date. Yes I get dressed and do hair and makeup every day for work and I’m sure my husband really wouldn’t care if I showed up in sweats and a ponytail (it just would mean he can get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt) but I feel for our anniversary I should put in a little extra effort. A fancy dress? Heels? Bring it on!

Then there’s dining etiquette. We take our son out to eat quite a bit. Both of us feel its best he gets used to restaurants and how to properly behave in them. He’s a good eater but can get impatient if food is not ready for him (aka hangry baby). As a result, my husband and I usually sit with him between us and are constantly feeding him. Our dinners are left to every other bite in-between feedings of the little monster. On a date, I’ll have to remember how to sit back and enjoy my meal.

In addition to etiquette there’s the conversation. Being able to talk to each other is something we’ve been able to do since day one. However, when you become a parent, 95% of the conversations with your spouse involves your child. Trying to steer the conversation away from kids on a date (especially your anniversary date) is important.

Will I remember how to do all this? Will I remember to act like a wife/spouse/companion/friend/partner instead of mom? Probably not, but I can always try.

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