Spring Crafts

After the long cold winter, spring has sprung! So what better way to celebrate the arrival of flowers, birds, and warmer weather than with some fun crafts with the kiddos? Like all of my crafting posts, these are super easy and yes, they involve food (sweet tooth alert). So head to the grocery store, stock up on a few items and have a blast making these with your little ones!



Bunny Bait

You’ll Need: Popcorn, M&Ms, Pretzels, White Chocolate Melts, Sprinkles

How To: Pop the popcorn. Break pretzels into pieces. Mix popcorn, pretzels, M&Ms, together. Melt chocolate and add to mixture. Stir together and top with sprinkles.


Garden Dirt Cups

You’ll Need: Cool Whip, Chocolate Pudding, Oreos, Marshmallow Rabbits, Chocolate Carrots, Clear Plastic Cups

How To: Cook chocolate pudding as directed. Combine with cool whip and crushed Oreo cookies. Fill clear plastic cup with mixture. Top with more crushed Oreo cookies. Place marshmallow rabbit and chocolate carrot on top. You can also add gummy worms if desired. Enjoy!


Chocolate Rabbits

You’ll Need: Marshmallow Rabbits, Melting Chocolates, Mini Marshmallows, Kabob Sticks

How To: Place marshmallow rabbit on kabob stick. Melt chocolate. Dip marshmallow rabbit in until completely covered. Place mini marshmallow on back of rabbit to form tail. Let dry on wax paper.


Bird Feeders

You’ll Need: Bird Seed, Gelatin, String, Cookie Cutters, Plastic Straw

How To: Spray cookie cutter with cooking spray. Fill inside of cookie cutter with bird seed. Follow directions for gelatin packet. Pour into bird seed filled cookie cutter. Place a cut piece of a plastic straw into the mixture to create a hole. Let dry. Add a string through the created hole to hang your bird feeder.



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