Spring Fashions & New Year’s Resolution Check In

We’re closing in on the official start of summer. Seems like this would be as good of a time as any to check back on my New Year’s Resolution.

This year I decided to focus on sprucing up my wardrobe, particularly at the office. My “mom look” was starting to carry over into my “work look” far too often.

I’m sure other moms out there can attest to this happening. I’d spend my morning running around, going to the doctor’s office, grocery store, or just staying home and enjoying some quality time with my son (since he’s usually in bed by the time I come home for work). Before I knew it, I’d have to grab my bags and rush out the door leaving time only to pull my hair in a ponytail and put some Chapstick on my lips. As a result, the leggings and comfy sweater I had on during the morning served double duty becoming my workday attire.

As the warmer spring weather finally arrives in the Midwest, I’ve been happy to unearth flowery tops, brighter color dresses (now that I’m back to being a blonde, pink seems to be the color of choice), and open toed shoes from the back of my closet. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of boots and sweaters but lighter clothes mean longer days and warmer weather ahead.

This time last year many of these spring outfits still didn’t fit quite right due to those lingering pregnancy pounds. As a results, it’s almost like finding a hidden treasure when I go pull out an outfit from my closet (hey I’d forgotten about this shirt).

Over that last few months, I’ve also noticed sprucing up my work wardrobe has also helped me kick my weekend mom look up a notch as well. I’ll tend to grab a blouse and pair it with my jeans instead of a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Maybe one day I’ll be considered the stylish mom running around the grocery store, trying to find the canned chili peppers. Then again, I’m reminded by the applesauce stain on my shirt that’s probably a long shot.  Oh well, one can hope.


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