Bark For Life

Chances are you’ve heard of Relay For Life, the event run by the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness and fight cancer, but have you heard of Bark For Life?

It’s a similar event done with our canine companions.

Knowing the important role our animals can play in our heeling and recovery process, the American Cancer Society wanted to recognize these four-legged caregivers.

Just like Relay For Life there is a walk and fun events held throughout the day. Vendor set up booths to sell various dog friendly products and there’s even a silent auction. Award is given out for the dog with the loudest bark, the dog that wears the most purple (the official color of Relay For Life), and one for the dog with the best talent.

For the past few years, my dog Eva and I have been active participants in our local event. We don our purple and head to the dog local park for a day filled with canine fun.

Sure it’s great to spend the day with your dog at the park, but the ultimate goal of this event is a world with less cancer and more birthdays. As a result the participants (canine and human) try to raise as much money as they can. Whether $500 or $5, each dollar raised helps save lives.

Bark For Life events take place throughout the year but in my city, it is usually near Father’s Day weekend (this year it’s actually the day before). For me, this is fitting because the reason I participate in this event is in honor of my dad.

No child should have to lose a parent at a young age. So if I can help someone else’s dad, mother or even brother, sister, cousin, or friend in the fight of their life, I’ll gladly do my part (however small it may be).

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