Celebrating 5 Furry Years

Awhile back I came across this sweet photo online.


A family chose to honor their dog (who had recently passed away) by leaving a bucket full of tennis balls on a local beach for other puppies to enjoy.

It was a simple act which got me thinking. We need to do more simple acts like this in our lives. Whether buying coffee for the car behind you in the drive-thru or holding the door open for a stranger, even the littlest thing can make a big difference. It can help brighten the day of someone (or in this case some dog) who may really need it. It can also make someone cry their eyes out while reading the story online (yes I admit it that was me).

So when my dog turned 5 years old earlier this month I knew we’d get her treats and special goodies to celebrate. However, I wanted to honor other dogs, ones that don’t have families buying them birthday cakes (yes she gets one, you do too so no judging) and getting them new toys all the time. My husband is as much of a dog lover as I am (if not more) and didn’t even question me when I suggested we take something to the local Humane Society in honor of our little girl’s birthday.


While it may not be much (some peanut butter treats & a bag of tennis balls), I’m sure it will mean a lot to those 4 legged friends.

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