Weekend In A Treehouse


It has become a tradition over the last 4 years: The weekend after Labor Day we book a rental house or a cabin somewhere in the state and get together with our friends from college.

This past weekend we rented a treehouse in Saugatuck.

It’s a tradition my husband suggested we start and I’m glad he did. You go from seeing this group of people who got you through the late nights of study, the fraternity parties, dorm life, all the way to graduation every day. Now, we’re lucky if we see them a few times a year (usually because of weddings but we’re running out of friends to get married).

A lot has changed in the 12 years since we met. For starters most of us are married. Many of us even have children. This year we had four kids under the age of 3 for our weekend away. Some of us have moved out of state, changed jobs, and bought houses.

Even with so much changing, it’s comforting to see others are going through the same tough life decisions you are (changing jobs/careers, family struggles, financial woes) and it’s nice to know we can still reach out to each other when times are difficult.

That’s why I’m thankful for these weekends: to reconnect, remember, and relax!

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