Hello Hunting Season, Goodbye Husband

If your husband is like mine they live for hunting season. They save up their vacation every year so that when October & November rolls around, they can spend as much time in the woods or blind as possible.

I’m a duck hunting widow so our season starts in early October as the birds begin to fly south. I’ve gone out hunting with my hubby before but it’s not for me. I’m happy to tag along and watch as he and our Lab bring in a bird. I’m even happy to enjoy the fruits of their labor when he cooks it up for dinner. However, I have no desire to pick up a gun and start shooting (unless it’s on the old Nintendo Duck Hunter game, that’s a classic).

Our retriever waiting for ducks.

Duck hunters love cold, dreary, rainy weather (something about it’s better for bringing in birds). They get up well before dawn so they can be ready to go in the field at first light. I’d much rather stay in my warm, comfy, dry bed. I’d also much rather partake in the hunting widow weekend sales the stores put on while he’s gone (his checkbook would probably disagree).

While it might not be for me, it’s a passion many men have and I hope it gets passed to my son one day. My husband learned from his dad. It’s something that bonds fathers and son and I hope it bonds my boys together.

This year my clan will also be off to deer camp. It’s been several years for my husband, this will be the first trip for my son. Four generations will get to partake in the hunt, a tradition I wouldn’t want either of them to miss out on.

So bring on hunting season! Good luck to all the deer hunters and duck hunters. While you might not bag a bird or score the big trophy buck, remember the other benefits of the sport like spending time with the ones you love and passing on your love to others (and your hunting widows will try to keep the shopping to a minimum while you’re away).

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