Costly Costume Conundrums


Halloween offers a fun time for parents to get creative when dressing their children up in costumes. However, some of these adorable outfits can get pretty costly, especially when you realize your little one will only be wearing the outfit for one night (and chances are they may spit up or poop on it).

When picking out my son’s first costume, I tried to find something that he would look great in but that also didn’t break the bank. Since he was only a few months old, I knew he wouldn’t be wearing the outfit that often (I think he wore it twice). Luckily I was able to find an affordable lion costume that would not only make him look like a big fluffy ball of fur, but would keep him warm (good thing too since it was rainy and damp for his 1st Halloween).

This year, my shopping savvy sister-in-law found an awesome dinosaur costume on clearance. Not only was it budge friendly but looked adorable on him, fit perfectly, and since we threw my son a dinosaur themed 1st birthday just a few months prior, this worked out great!

Another way for moms & dads to find affordable Halloween costumes for their little ones is by browsing resale shops. Place like “Once Upon A Child” or your local Good Will offer an array of costume choices (most of them having barely been worn).

I know as my son gets older I’ll probably be shelling out more money for the popular costume he just has to have. I figure at that point he’ll be into playing pretend or “dress-up” and the outfit will get worn more than once a year (but knowing my luck he won’t want to wear anything else).


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