Dino-mite 1st Year

It’s hard to believe my little guy is already a year and a half old. I know they stay these early years go by so quickly and it’s true. It seems like we were just planning is 1st birthday party and now I’m already thinking ahead to his 2nd.

Speaking of 1st birthdays, today I’d thought I’d do a throwback blog to my son’s first birthday party. I didn’t start blogging until after the big celebration but I’d like to share our Dino themed day.

My husband and I have referred to our son as a dinosaur since before he could crawl. We also love to watch “Dinosaur Train” together as a family (gotta love those PBS shows). So naturally when it came time to plan his 1st birthday we went with a dinosaur theme. The idea began when we came across a dinosaur piñata at a local store. That little decoration set the tone and color scheme for the entire celebration.

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find some other great ideas. We opted to make our own homemade invitations (that where a hit with the kids). All it took was some construction paper, glitter pens, and a little arm strength for cutting them all out.

The craft paper came in handy when decorating our son’s high chair for the cake smash. Add a little twine and you’ve got yourself a wonderful handmade decoration (that I still have hanging up in his room).

I opted to forego making a birthday shirt and turned to Etsy to find a great one that can be customized to your child’s name. I also found matching shirts for mom and dad (kids can’t be the only one’s having fun). I also was able to find a customizable sign featuring all of our little guy’s accomplishments during his first year.


Finally, I tried to stick with the theme when it came to the menu as well. We had brontosaurs burgers, pterodactyl wings, prehistoric dirt cups, and fossil cookies. All relatively easy to make and crowd pleasers to boot.

Did I go a little crazy? Maybe. I mean how many people remember their first birthday? But I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate a dino-mite first year with our son!


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