Our Canadian Fishing Trip (5 years later)

fishing trip

When we got married, my husband and I agreed we were not going to get each other a wedding present. Needless to say I did not follow that rule and he was smart enough to realize he shouldn’t either.

Instead of getting him a watch, tie tack, or other common wedding gift, I decided to think outside of the box.

In all honesty, our honeymoon to St. Lucia was really more for me. Sure he liked swimming in the Caribbean and the delicious food and drinks, but it wasn’t his dream destination. The warm weather was just too much for him (note him, not me). So as a wedding present, I decided we’d do a “honeymoon” more of his liking, a fishing trip to Canada.

Since we had taken so much time off work for the wedding and honeymoon already, we opted to take this second honeymoon trip the following summer. It’s crazy to think that was 5 years ago.

For anyone looking into one of these trips I highly recommend it. Born and raised in the Motor City, it’s safe to say I’m a city girl at heart, but there’s something about getting in tune with Mother Nature and away from all the bright lights.

When looking for the perfect locale, I decided to use a family favorite. My dad and uncles had visited the Pine Portage Lodge when I was kid, and I remember them having a great time. Naturally, when I found a deal at the lodge, I jumped at the chance for us to go.

After driving hours into Canada we arrived at the small town of Wawa, Ontario. From Wawa, the lodge is a short flight away. The catch is, the plane to get you there takes off and lands on the water (pretty cool if I do say so myself).

Flying Over Some Canadian Lakes

Cabins at the lodge range in size. You can have a small one like we did to accommodate a couple or a bigger one that hosts multiple families.

Your dining options also vary depending on what plan you have. If you take the American plan, the lodge will provide you with a boxed lunch for your day out on the water and dinner once you return. If you take the Housekeeping plan, you’re on your own for both meals. You can always decide to buy dinner at the lodge if the fishing wasn’t great that day.

We opted to cook our own fish while out on the lake. There were plenty of places to cook along the shoreline. At night we ate more fish back at the cabin but did change it up one night with prime rib at the lodge.

Fresh Fish Sandwiches For Lunch

Every morning your boat was waiting at the dock, gassed up and ready to go with your nets and life jackets. The only thing you needed to bring was your rod and lures.

View From The Dock To The Main Lodge

Like I said before, if you’re hesitant about this type of vacation, go ahead and give it a try.

This trip was one I will never forget. With no TV or radio, this trip allowed us as a young newlywed couple a long weekend alone to truly connect. It also forced me to get out of my comfort zone and appreciate the beautiful northern landscape.

I hope one day we’re able to take this trip again. With jobs and a growing family, I’m not sure when. Maybe when we’re older and retired. We can head back to that cabin and remember the newlyweds who once visited, filled with so many hopes and dreams.


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