What’s wrong with my son liking Disney Princess Movies?


For the past few years, well essentially since we decided to start trying for kids, I’ve been on a mission to update our family’s Disney movie collection. While my husband and I own a lot of classic, they are all on VHS and thus no longer work on most modern day entertainment systems.

So on a recent shopping with my one year old son, I passed by the electronic section and noticed they had the movie Frozen on sale. I immediately handed the DVD to my son to hold while we headed off to the grocery section to get the other items on our list.

While ringing up groceries at the checkout line, the very polite cashier noticed the movie my son was holding and asked “Do you have a sister at home? Is that for her?”

A million things ran through my head in those next few seconds. I wanted to scream “What’s wrong with my son watching Disney Princess movies?” “Princesses aren’t solely for girls.” “You wouldn’t think twice if we were buying Cars.”

There are so many valuable lessons taught in the movie: the unbreakable bond between siblings, believing in yourself, and the courage to be yourself just to name a few.

I’m sure she meant well and was just trying to make conversation.

Instead, I politely replied, “No we just like Disney movies.”

Little did I know “Anna” would become a favorite at our house with my little guy asking to watch it daily.

We’ve seen so many examples of parent’s letting their kids go against gender stereotypes lately. From the dad that let child son buy a baby doll to the mom who lets her daughter hunt.

We need to let our children learn and discover and array of experiences. That way they can truly grow up to be who they are destined to be.

If that means watching Frozen 200 times (or any other Disney princess movie) this mom is not opposed.


One thought on “What’s wrong with my son liking Disney Princess Movies?

  1. I agree with you. I have a four year daughter and four month old son. My kids can pick whatever movie, toy, or costume they want. My daughter likes being Elsa and Darth Vader, don’t stop any of it. Great post.


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