Christmas Crafting

I love the holidays, especially Christmas. There’s just something about the decorations and energy to put you in a festive mood (not to mention the delicious holiday food).

While working as a lifestyle reporter I had the chance to a story on Christmas crafting. Don’t worry, you do not have to be Martha Stewart to do any of these. They are very simple but cute.

The first crafting project is called “Socked” and would be great for an office. If you’ve ever been “BOOed” during Halloween it’s very similar.



You’ll Need: Stocking, Snacks, Treats, Holiday Goodies

How To: Stuff the stocking with the treats, goodies, and snacks. Write a note explaining to the person you leave it for they’ve been “Socked”. They then have 24 hours to re-fill the stocking and pass it on to another co-worker.


If you’re looking for a cute gift to bring to a holiday party, why not bring “Rein-Beer”. You can make this fun treat with root beer or your favorite malted beverage.


You’ll need: 6 pack of your favorite beer or root beer, brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, small red puff balls

How To: Cut the pipe cleaners and fashion around the tops of the bottle to form antlers. Glue on the red puff balls and googly eyes to make a face. Tie with holiday ribbon if desired.


Finally, I love the idea of a “Christmas Eve Box” for your family. It’s a great tradition to start with your kids.

Christmas Eve Box


You’ll Need: Box, Holiday PJs, Holiday Movie, Hot Chocolate, Snacks

How To: Put pajamas, movie, and snacks in a box. Wrap box if desired. Let your kids open the box on Christmas Eve Night.


See, like I said, SIMPLE craft ideas. Really all you need is some glue and scissors for the Rein-Beer. However, these easy projects will definitely help get you in the holiday spirit.

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